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Friday, October 26, 2007

Presenting another Nollywood Actor - Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi was born July 17th, in Enugu to the Diobi’s family. Nonso Diobi grew up in Anambra state, Nigeria. He grew up with a family of 5, 2 girls and 3 guys. As the last child of the family, Nonso Diobi always saw himself in the limelight and as an independent individual. He began his own mini business at a tender age, selling clothes to his fellow individual at his high school. His parents exposed him to explore his God given talents by doing stage plays at his local church when he was 15years old. He became one of the best in his church drama group.
In the fall of 2001, He decided to take his acting skills to another level by entering into the now famous Nollywood. He featured in his first movie “Border line” which was shot by top director “Adim William”. His first breakthrough movie “Hatred” came right after he did Border line”
Nonso Diobi never looked back, as Nollywood keeps calling on this young, handsome, dynamic, and multi-talented star with over twenty movies to his credits. As the first Nigerian actor to be signed unto Jton Productions in New York, Nonso Diobi is using his opportunities to explore other God talents which he plans to unleash within the next few years. His greatest joy and soul satisfaction is to continue to entertain his fans as they are his number one priority. He finds joy when his fans admire and watches him on screen. One of his goals is to own a studio and enter deep into movie making and Animations. Nonso Diobi’s hobbies are listening to music, dancing, singing, long tennis, playing soccer in his PS2.
Culled from his website.


  1. hey u keep on saying u are born in july 17 .could pls state ur full date of birth .

  2. Nomso, I am Joann, out of NYC and I want to say that you are a good actor and steady growing. At this rate you can only get better. I am a loyal fan of african movies and think your stories leaves your viewers with a strong message of faith and love. Stay focus and be bless...

  3. hi,i luv d way u act especially d nigga part,ur d best keep it up,dont let anyone pour sand in ur

  4. look in da dictionary and if u see any word dat discribe sexy and hot dat is u. i wish 2 see u sometime and i liked da movie u an tonto made together called rush hour and final hour u look so sesexy and hot and i waz wondering if there wazany relationship between ya. if there is i would b very proud of ya because i know u both would make such a great couple. KEEP BEING SEXY?

  5. Hey Nonso, my name sake, you are a gem do keep it up, more grease to ya elbow, Like there is sumtins we share in comon Iwas born on June 17 and yours July 17 ,you are Nonso and I am Nomso you are fair and i am fair in complexion and i am almost same in height wit you just that i am a girl and you are a Boy. Can you Imagine!

  6. hello nonso how is the acting going anyway got nothing much to say but to tell you to always "KEEP THE LIGHT OF ACTING BURNING"and always learn to stay with God cos you are one of my best actor.Take care and hope to get your reply.Bye!

  7. For such a youthful actor, Nonso has impressed me with his talent and wide-ranging skill in his craft. He truly caught my attention with his work in "My Private Part". He demonstrated a lot of maturity and style! Keep it up Nonso!

  8. Hello Nonso you are so talented keep it up young man (Zimbabwean)


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