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Thursday, June 19, 2008

From Banking to Nollywood -- Yomi Fash-Lanso

Mr Oluyomi Fash Lanso

ADDRESS: - Palm Avenue, Mushin, Lagos State.

DATE OF BIRTH: June 7, 1968.



LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Yoruba, English and Pigeon English


1). U.A.M.C (Eleja), Apapa Road, Ebute-Metta
2). Jubril Martins Memorial Grammar School Iponri
3). University Of Lagos Akoka.

Tell us a little about your childhood, growing up, parents, brothers and sisters?

My growing up was fantastic because I have a good childhood upbringing. Playing dirty at times, with my age mates was one of the interesting fun I can remember. My family consist of my parents, 3 boys and a girl. Being the last child, I was really dotted on. My brothers introduced me to the cinema house and movies. I became a film freak, and despite my father objection to film watching became an ardent disciple thereby becoming interested in film and motion picture as a whole.

What was the first paying job ever that you had?

I worked in a Bank as a Banking officer.

How much were you paid per month and what were the responsibilities?

N2,500.00. I was only taking care of myself, mother and supporting my siblings.

What other jobs did you do outside Acting?

I invest in honest, viable and profitable businesses. I am what so others will call a business tycoon.

What made you go into the Acting career and when did you start Acting (year)?

The world of ‘film making’ got me hook, line and sinker, coupled with inner talent that was struggling within me then. I went through vigorous self teaching research on what acting was all about, via film watching, review magazines, flipping through articles that bother on film acting or film making, and when opportuned, visited film sets/locations. I started acting professionally in February 1995.

Who were your Idols/Models (Actors) in those days?

Whow! They are so many of them from different continents. My Nigerian influences were Moses Olaiya, Ade Love,, Hubert Ogunde, Lere Paimo, and Jab Adu. I also liked watching Jim Kelly, Jim Brown, Franco Nero, John Wayne, Leon Green, Fred Willianson (American actors); Fu Sheng, Cheng Sei, Carer Wong, Jackie Chan, Lo Lei, David Chang, Chen Kua Tai, Chen Kua Chun (chinese actors); Amitabh Bachan, Dhamendra, Pran, Vinod Khanna. Vinod Mehra, Ferozkahy, and Sunil Dutt (india actors).

What was your first role in Theatre, TV or Movies?

My first role was lawyer Tunde Smart, in the movie titled Bekunpe.

What was your major break-through role and in what film, series or play? My first major breakthrough role was as ‘Akintunde’, in the film Omolade.

What were the constraints you had to face and overcome as an up-and-coming young Actor ?

The first was not been able to negotiate my fee because the producer sees you as somebody he or she is trying to helping. They see the talent but no justification for negotiation.

How many films have you been involved with as an Actor to date?

15 FILMS OMOLADE (1995), TWISTED CONNECTION (1997), ORO MA SOKO (2002), ALE ARIWO (2003), OPA AGEMO (2004) and the very recent one TENI NI TENI (2004-08-12).

As a DYNAMIC, OUTSTANDING, 'A'-List Actor, how have you managed to adapt to the different range of roles you have played in your career?

By doing my homework, a lot of research and studying people of different occupation and lifestyle I meet closely. Most importantly, I demystify myself before taking a role.

What is the most awkward or strangest role you have had to take/play in your career and why?

Playing a disabled persons role in Kunle Alajeseku. I wanted to be in the disabled peoples world and feel what they feel every time. The pain and agony they go through silently in my opinion can never be measured. I know because I have had a glimpse and believe me they deserve our care, attention and love.

What film have you been most proud to be involved with so far, and why?

JOMBO. I was proud to take the lead role in the film Jombo because it gave me the avenue to play a bad guy in a really sadistic way, far from how some actors have played the role in the past.

As an 'A'-List Actor yourself, what other 'A'-List Actors or Actresses have worked or collaborated with?
Dele Odule, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Adebayo Salami, Jide Kosoko, Sunday Omobolanle, Taiwo Hassan, Yinka Quadri, Funso Adeolu, Antar Laniyan, Yemi Solade, Saheed Balogun, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Faithia Balogun, Poyemi Ayeola, Babatunde Omidina and Sola Sobowale.

Did you at anytime want to quit your Acting career for something else or for a reason, and why (if any)?

I thought of quitting when I was ban from acting by my association (A.N.T.P) for having the effrontery to query the executive committee of non-chalant attitude towards artist welfare, and questioning the reason for the association (A,N,T,P) collecting money from producers before he or she could role camera without any support from the association. I basically felt that the executives in the association ‘ruled’ and didn’t ‘Lead’. The issue of members taking work permit before acting was also inclusive.

What is the motivation for you or what keeps you interested in this career every morning you wake up?

Firsly, because I enjoy what I am doing and its challenging. Secondly, because I strongly believe that better and brighter days are coming soon.

How important are our Nigerian roots, morals, values, knowledge and sense of wisdom to you and your works? Everything that has to do with my roots and culture is very important to me because it is what tells the outside world that I have an identity, and I try as much as possible to show that unique identity and wisdom to the outside world through films.

On the stories, scripts, or screen play of your films, and its impact on the Nigerian/African cultural values (home and abroad), how do you manage to harness, keep and pass them across in your films?

Basically, the three element of entertainment are to inform, educate and entertain, which we so much keep in our works (films) that anyone from any race would not want to learn. The way we dress, the way we speak and the way we relate to our fellow human creature is important to me.

What projects are you working on at the moment and with whom?

JOMBO II, with Binta Ayo Magaji. Another with Dimeji Ijaduade, and another with Bolaji Amosan (Mr Latin) friends with alpha vision.

Where do you see yourself in this career in the next five years?

Highest height with God’s support.

Where do you see the Nigerian movies industry in the next couple of years?

If all various fractured associations could come together under one umbrella then the sky will be a stepping stone not the limit to our peak. fractured When you are not working (Acting, producing, directing or making a film), what do you do or how do you pass the time?

I do a lot of thing, for example visiting places, hanging out with my friends, playing games, visiting the gym, writing, watching films and praying.

What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite musician?

Various forms of Music that suits my mood at the time, from High Life, Juju, Fuji, Gospel, R&B to Jazz. Some of the Artists I listen to are Yinka Ayefele, Lionel Richie, R Kelly and Remilekun Amos.

Is there an International Actor (American, British, Australian, African, etc.) you will want to work with if the opportunity presented itself?


What message do you have for your international fans in America, Europe, Africa and its Diaspora?

They should all keep spreading the good news now in the film industry, the emergence of Nollywood, and to stay tight with one another. Remember no matter where we go (Nigerians, Africans, Afro- Americans, Jamaicans, etc), we are brothers. I love you all.

For any reason at all, how would you personally want your fans to remember you?

I just want them to remember me for my good works, what more can a Man want!

Monday, June 16, 2008

From Banking to Nollywood -- Blessing Effiom-Egbe

Blessing Effiom is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Calabar. Apart from being a Model, She is also an actress and a producer.
After the collage picture is an interview she granted Nigeria Daily Independent Newspaper. Please enjoy....

Tell us something about your life as a model and how it all started for you?

Life as a model was fast and fun, short-lived but got to a reasonable and fulfilling stage. I started out in Nigeria in 2001 with the Silverbird International Fashion show, shortly after, I was chosen to do the Ghana celebration 2001 and right after that I won the ECOFEST best model competition and things took-off from there.

How did your foray into Nollywood begin?

After graduating from the University of Calabar in 2001, where I studied theater arts, banking was the first job that came calling but I obviously didn't last six months in the industry. Full time modelling took over and then subsequently, a film role here and there, it wasn't until I furthered my studies in film making in South Africa that I decided to indulge fully in the business, writing, producing and starring in my works.

Which movie gave you your break?

As a writer/ producer, it would be Before the Vow, as an actress, I wouldn't really know.

How long have you been in the movie industry?

Off and on, five years.

What are the challenges you have faced since you took to acting?

Switching from modelling to acting may seem easy as they are all interwoven but the reality is different. In modelling, you are kind of robotic. Whereas, in acting, the key word is relaxation and complete involvement, so I would say that has been my major challenge.

What was your first professional fee?

It was N8, 000 in the movie Bleeding Heart, where I did four scenes as a barmaid to Ngozi Nwosu.

What separates you from other actresses in the industry?

My ways, my lifestyle, my person, my entire morphology.

What has been the high point of your career as an entertainer?

In modelling, apart from earning the top dollar jobs, it would be me representing Nigeria at the top model competition in Lebanon in 2003 and then working with Tyra Banks for the America next top model competition. Sound cheesy, but at the time, I thought these incidences were the highest points of my career. In the moviedom, I'm yet to get to the peak, but for now, my movie The Rivals winning the Best International Drama at the New York festival will suffice.

What do you look out for when you accepts movie scripts?

As a scriptwriter, I'm taught to always have interesting and inviting things in my story that would make any actor want to play the role. So, for me, that is what I look out for in a script; substance if it's a serious story and if it is not then I'll go for the fun content any day.

You seem to operate on a low profile, why is this so?

I've always been one to operate that way, it's just the way I am, I don't think there's anything to it really, but I have my loud moments and definitely my crazy moments.

What is your unique selling point?

Just being open and plain and telling it like it is, transparent in my business and social dealings and somewhat time perfect.

Outside entertainment, what else does Blessing do that takes most of her time?

Before now, travelling and exploring life took the cake, but in the past year, settling down, pregnancy and now nursing has taken over.

Do you have any regrets going into entertainment?

No, but I do have regrets working with a replicating company called Ecomax Technologies.

They made a silly and unprofessional blunder of running a Yoruba film titled, Taiwo Taiwo over The Rivals, a movie which I produced with Omoni Oboli. Having gone through so much and spent so much money, the company had to ruin it by their mistake. We are in the process of sorting that out now and will make it known to the public what happens. But the good copies are now in circulation so people can buy copies now. Other than this I have no regrets coming into the industry.

Give us a peek into your private life?

I have always and I'm still enjoying a relaxed and happy private life and I am not about to make it chaotic by giving you a peek into it so you can hound me.

What was growing up like for you?

Interesting. I grew up in the barracks in Port Harcourt, enjoyed the simplicity of life where everyone had a close-knit life and family was key. There were no problems of fear and insecurity and uncertainty of the government and economy. Life was good.

Recount some childhood experiences you cherish.

At about four years of age, I used to be the dance champion in all parties so much so that I had a little showcase at the governors' party then.

What informed your decision to do what you are doing at the moment?

Destiny and plenty of brainstorming and planning.

Who is the man in your life?

My hubby.

When did you meet him and what is the latest on your state of health, you know what I mean?

We met, we got married, I got pregnant and now we have a baby.

Informed from your experience in the movie industry, where do you think we are heading?

To the rocks if we are not careful.

What is your philosophy of life?

Plan, plan and more plan.

What does friendship mean to you?

Trust, truth and dependence.

What should a person do to win your trust?

Be truthful and transparent.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

All about Ibinabo Fiberesima of Nollywood

Born to an Okirika father and an Irish mother, Ibinabo lived with her grandmother for the greater part of her childhood and adolescent years. The second child in a family of six, she studied English Language and Literature at the University of Ibadan from where she graduated in 1994. Apparently destined for greatness in showbiz and entertainment, she didn't work with her degree for one day as she got 'The Pyramid' night club as birthday and graduation present from her ex-boyfriend. "I got the night club the month I came out of school, so I just started doing business. I preferred a night club because I am a karaoke freak, I love karaoke, I love to sing."
Below is a self authored biography of the talented actress culled by this blog from her wesite.

Ibinabo Fiberesima is a lady of many parts. Beauty queen, actress, pageant organizer, former club owner, and – above all, a very level headed multiple business owner. An excerpts of an interview she granted recently is reproduced below which was culled from Please read on.



KHAMILEON: Because of your looks there have been many theories about your background. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

IBINABO: I am mixed. My dad is Nigerian and my mum is Irish.

KHAMILEON: There was a rumor that you contested in some beauty pageant in the past, can you tell us more about that.

IBINABO: Yes, when I was younger I did the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria, I was second runner up, I then did Miss Nigeria and I was first runner up and finally I did Miss Wonderland and emerged the queen.

KHAMILEON: You caught everybody’s attention in the movie “CAMOUFLAGE” Apart from your performance there, you were also the very first to put on Bikini on screen (Nigerian movie). What was your experience in making that movie, and did you get any criticism from the public?

IBINABO: Amazing not one critic spoke, well to my knowing, it was the first time and I should hope I complimented the bikini or it complimented me. Whichever, it was a lot of fun doing that movie, coz it was a girl thing and the excitement was amazing. We shot in Yaba Tech, and most of the girls that we used their rooms, were actually telling us how it was really done. I enjoyed playing that role a lot

KHAMILEON: Have you always wanted to be an actress, or it’s something you stumbled into?

IBINABO: Honestly, I stumbled into it and I am having the time of my life. No regrets

KHAMILEON: Which was your first movie, and what was the experience like?

IBINABO: “MOST WANTED”. It was a real shock to me. It took me forever to get into character; I did not have a clue what was up, but then my friend Regina Askia Williams helped me out a lot and Ayo Adesanya, so it became easy after a while.

KHAMILEON: All of a sudden you disappeared after doing some movies, and you just only resurfaced. What happened, why did you disappear?

IBINABO: Well woman wahala, or do I blame the Men. I started having children, and wanted to bond with my children. I did that and now I am back.

KHAMILEON: Since your return last year, how many have you done so far?

IBINABO: I have done 7 to date.

KHAMILEON: You have worked with so many actors, which of them do you like working with the most and why?

IBINABO: I enjoy working with Ramsey Noah a lot, because he is my friend. And we always have a good laugh. Also I have met a lot of new faces and they have all warmed up to me. Zack Orji, Peter Bruno, Enebeli Elebuwa too, is someone I enjoy working with. Alex Osifo, Frances Duru. I respect him a lot too.

KHAMILEON: And you have also worked with so many actresses, which of them do you like working with the most and why?

IBINABO: Actresses, Augusta Ikifha, (My sister in law in “Mortal Sin”) Genevieve Nnaji in “Camouflage”, Lolo Dora in “Burning Bible”, Tina my mum in “Jackie Philips” and a lot more StephNora in “Ladies Night”.

KHAMILEON: The Nigerian movie Industry is growing big everyday, and more people are into Nigerian movies now. So it’s no surprise that people (Especially in the Diaspora) wont settle for just any movie, still so many movies are below standard. Some of the things I hear from fans are… 1, Over-recycled stories 2, Actors/Actresses looks fake on screen 3, Stories without good plots. 4, poor scripts or the directors are not doing their jobs. To you, what is the cause of these problems?

IBINABO: I would say everyone is trying to cash in quickly, which is a typical Nigerian thing. Sometimes I read some scripts and I wonder why anybody will sit down and not think before writing. Its sad but it will take a while b4 we catch up. But we will.

KHAMILEON: Generally in the arts, the fans play a very vital role in the survival of artists. If the fans stop buying your products you are out of business. In Nigeria are Actors/Actresses in touch with their fans? Do they care about what the fans has to say? I mean what would you do if your fan says. “I don’t like the way you act, you need to take an acting class to improve,” would you take it and give it a good thought or would you get annoyed.

IBINABO: Personally, I will take it to heart. There is a site I go to, to read about Nigerian films, reviews, what they think of the artist and all, it has really helped me a lot in my career. I remember what they have complained about and work on it to make me a better person. Not that I would change what I am doing because of bad belle oh.

KHAMILEON: Though talent is what’s most important in the arts, but a little beauty won’t hurt anybody. Now I have noticed that once some of our actresses’ start making some money, they start over-feeding and stuffing themselves up. Apart from looking good I think they should also be concerned about their health. Don’t you people talk about stuff like that and ways to deal with it?

IBINABO: It’s really up to the artist I think. I want to look good whenever. You feel me?

KHAMILEON: I saw pictures of you at a beauty pageant in one of these Eastern countries. Apart from acting what else do you do?

IBINABO: I organize Beauty Pageants. I took the Miss Nigeria to Japan for the Miss International pageant and Miss Earth pageants in Manila also the Miss Intercontinental in China. My company holds all three licensees for Nigeria. Put it this way I am the National Director for these pageants in Nigeria. I will be hosting Miss Africa 2004 in Nigeria come August.

KHAMILEON: There is also the rumor that you once owned the “PYRAMID NIGHT CLUB IN LAGOS.” Is there any truth to it and what happened to the club?

IBINABO: Yes it is not a rumor. Owned it and closed it. Capice?

KHAMILEON: You are based in London, but you are mostly in Nigeria shooting movies.

IBINABO: I travel a lot.

KHAMILEON: There are so many good Actors/Actresses and Directors in Nigeria. I want you to name five actors that you admire the most.

IBINABO: Frances Duru
Clem Ohameze
Enebeli Elebuwa
Ramsey Noah
Nkem Owoh

KHAMILEON: I also want you to name Five Actresses you admire the most in Nigeria

Liz Benson
Omotola Jolade-Ekinde
Genevieve Nnaji
Rita Dominic

KHAMILEON: Finally I want you to name Five Directors that you admire the most in Nigeria

IBINABO: Zeb Ejiro
Ndubuisi Oko
Theodore Anyanji
Chico Ejiro
Adim Williams

KHAMILEON: Do you watch Nigerian Movies? If yes name your top five favorite

IBINABO: “Pastor’s wife”
“Osoufia in London”
“Dream Lover”
“Out of love”
“Mortal sin”

KHAMILEON: There must be some Actors/Actress that you have not worked with before that you would like to work with, can you name some of them?

IBINABO: Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde
Rita Dominic
Bimbo Akintola
Genevieve Nnaji (again)
Eucharia Anunobi
Shan George

KHAMILEON: To my knowledge, apart from the KISS SCENE with LIZ BENSON (“DAPO JUNIOR”), BATH SCENE with EUCHARIA (“GLAMOUR GIRLS 2” ) and a few others, most of the romantic scenes in Nigerian movies are still too fake. Now if we decide to do a LOVE STORY together, with “A LOVE SCENE” I want to take it to the next level, almost like what you see in Hollywood. Would you be bold enough to take up that challenge or it’s something too big for you? (OF CAUSE THAT PART WOULD BE SLASHED OFF THE NIGERIAN RELEASE BECAUSE OF THE CENSORS BOARD).

IBINABO: I am Game, as long as I will be in the scene with a reputable person

KHAMILEON: Talking about censorship, what do you think about the Nigerian Censorship Board?

IBINABO: No comment.

KHAMILEON: There is also the rumor that you sing too, is there any truth to that? If yes do you plan to record an album someday?

IBINABO: I do. I would love to soon I hope.

KHAMILEON: KHAMILEON’S video clip for “INDIAN LOVE SONG” is receiving good airplay in Nigeria and London (Ben Tv). Lots of people are going crazy over his “VIDEO GIRL” (even girls) but he is insisting it’s you he wanted to play his “LOVE INTEREST” on that Video clip. So what happened? Why where you not on that Video?

IBINABO: I was traveling a lot at the time of shoot, so I will make it up to him.

KHAMILEON: Ok, back to the movies There is also this rumor that some stars are letting their success get into their head and they treat their fans bad. Are you like that?

IBINABO: Who! ME? Hell, NO! I love my fans to bits. Will always do. I will soon have my fan site up and running,. They keep me going.

KHAMILEON: Are you a romantic person?

IBINABO: Very, maybe too much of a romantic

KHAMILEON: What qualities do you look for in a guy?

IBINABO: Honesty.

KHAMILEON: Describe an ideal romantic date with a guy

IBINABO: Candle light dinner with a nice bottle of red wine.

KHAMILEON: What do you think can be done to help the young film Industry?


KHAMILEON: Finally what message do you have for your fans?

IBINABO: Love you all and thanks for always being there for me. I won’t disappoint you. Promise.

KHAMILEON: Whenever I set up a date, I will invite you to come and chat with your fans will you do that?

IBINABO: I would love to. It would be nice to know them personally.

KHAMILEON: It’s been nice chatting with you and I hope to have you on again.

IBINABO: Anytime. I enjoyed this. Thanks

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Mega Fortunes Pushed Pat Attah to Nollywood Limelight

This blog today features Patrick Uchenna Attah. The Anambra State-born actor has equally ventured into music. Hear him. "I’m a big fan of Bob Marley. Aside God, he is my only role model. I had always wanted to be a successful musician.

Here is an excerpts of an interview he granted to Daily Sun Newspaper in 2005. Enjoy.....

It was in the early 1990s. Then, I didn’t have acting in mind. What I really wanted to do was music. I later settled for acting as an alternative. Ramsey Noah brought me in.

Coming into limelight
Well, it was quite an experience. But prior to that time, I had acted on TV in Rivers State. Mega Fortunes gave me the needed push because it was on NTA Network. It was my first major job and it was quite challenging. I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Growing up
I grew up in many places. As a matter of fact, I’m from a family of six and I happened to be the last child. My father was a former Federal Pay Officer. Being a civil servant, my father was always on transfer from one state to another. So, I grew up in different parts of the country. Well, it was quite an experience for me.

Changing locations
I will say that it is an added advantage to me. And it has also affected the way I see and relate with people regardless of tribe, background or religion.

I had my primary and secondary schooling in different states. Later, I was admitted to the University of Port Harcourt, but I could not complete the course for certain reasons. I don’t like discussing the circumstances that led to my leaving University of Port Harcourt. I later ended up at the Nigerian Institute of Sports where I did a course in Basic Sports Management. I still have the plans to return to school, but not too soon. I do my things one after the other.

Nollywood debut
It was Glamour Girls by Nek Videos in 1994. I’ve come a long way in the industry. I’ve put in 14 years in the movie industry.

Coping with female fans
The fact is that, most of the time I speak with them on phone. I hardly see them face-to–face. I’m also an introvert, if I don’t have any business to attend to outside, I hardly go out. I like staying indoor doing one thing or the other. I also write, compose songs and design websites for my clients.

Most challenging role
I won’t describe any role as the most challenging. I see all my roles as very challenging. But my role as a mad man in Boomerang was very tasking and demanding. Aside playing a madman in the movies, I had to speak like a stark illiterate.

Acting as fun
Acting? I enjoy being on set because that is what I have chosen to do all my life. The only thing I don’t enjoy about acting is changing of costumes on sets. It’s quite stressful. I get tired easily when asked to change my costume.

Likely alternative profession
Well, if I’m not acting, I would have been a footballer or a volleyballer.

How comfortable
Oh, I pay my bills; that is how comfortable Pat Attah is. I won’t say I’m a millionaire, but I’m very, very comfortable.

Love life
I want you to know that every young man needs a lady in his life. Pat Attah has a lady in his life presently, but I wouldn’t disclose her identity now for security reasons. But she is not an actress.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and a man has to prepare adequately for it. Definitely, I will get married as soon as I’m ready. In marriage if you rush in, you will rush out. I will get married, but I’m not in a hurry or under any pressure to do that. But don’t be surprised if it happens this year.

Managing my career
Let me say that one cannot eat his cake and have it. Being famous has really spurred me to do better so that those who look up to me as a role model will not be disappointed. They also appreciate what I’m doing and that is why they recognise me whenever they see me.

Playboy syndrome
No! I’m not a playboy. People get that idea about me because of my roles in home videos. The truth is that I’m a one man, one woman kind of person. I don’t believe in double dating. In fact, I detest men who double date. People should stop judging me with my playboy movies. I’m not one.

Assessment of Nollywood
We are still growing; it is still a baby industry. Sincerely speaking, we are not doing badly. There are rooms for improvement. We can do better than what we are doing presently. Do you know that aside from petroleum, Nollywood is the second highest foreign exchange earner for this country. We have also created employment for the masses of this country. The government should start assisting us, they should come to our aid now.

Improving Nigerian film industry
If I have my way, I want better and improved welfare packages for artistes. Aside the few big names that earn big monies in quote, others take home peanuts. And when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys as results. We should try and pay all stakeholders in Nollywood very well, so that we can bring out the best in them.

Artiste Fee
I’ve collected over half a million in some movies. I’m eagerly looking forward to the day I will collect one million and above. I have over fifty movies to my credit.

Influence of Nollywood
Nobody except God. He is my role model and inspiration. But in the music world, the late Bob Marley is my only role model. I appreciate the acting skills of my colleagues, both locally and internationally. I do criticize myself whenever I watch the bad roles I had played.

Projecting into the future
I can’t say precisely where I will be in the next 10 years, but I know that I would have moved real forward. It is left to God to decide. I’m sure that I would have done a couple of hit movies in Hollywood by the special grace of God.

Music career
I have a lot of plans. I have also done a number of recordings, but I had to suspend everything because music comes by inspirations. I stopped when the inspiration stopped coming. I’m praying to God to continue to inspire me so that I can go back to the studios to complete work on my album. Before the end of 2005, my debut album will be out. It’s a fusion of reggae and R&B.

I love pets a lot. In my house here, I have a monkey, parrots, dogs, and a live aquarium. I’ve ordered for a chimpanzee and a wild cat like cheetah. They are processing the licence for these animals. I love animals because they are very loyal and will never betray you. I love them with a passion because they can die for you while protecting you. They are my best friends.

Dedicated to the memory of Teslim Olamilekan Suleiman (1992 - 2005) [Click Image to read about him]