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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nollywood Weddings Pictures

: Funke Akindele, Stephanie Okereke, Sola Kosoko, Mercy Johnson, Chinedu Ikedieze, Dakore Egbuson, Ini Edo, Chidi Mokeme, Mike Ezuunonye and Pince Eke

Pictorial Glance at Bob Emmanuel Udokwu

My name is Bob-Manuel Obidimma Udokwu. I hail from Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. My father, Geoffrey Nwafor Udokwu, worked in the Ministry of Works in the Old Eastern Nigeria. My mother is Ezelagbo. I am the fourth and the second son in a family of six - three males and three females. I was born on a Thursday April 18 sometime in the 1960s. All I know is that I am as old as I look. I had my primary education at St. Peters Primary School (now Hillside Primary School) in the Coal Camp, Enugu. I had my secondary education at Oraukwu Grammar School, Oraukwu, from where I proceeded to University of Port Harcort where I obtained a Certificate and Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts. I equally bagged a Master's degree in Political Science with specialisation in International Relations from the University of Lagos. I am married to Cassandra and we have two children. I named my son after the great Marcus Garvey. 
Why Bob-Manuel 
I was given a name before I was born. My mother told me that when she was pregnant, a prophet told her that the unborn baby was a boy and his name would be Emmanuel and that he would be recognised. But very early in my life, because of the qualities I displayed, some of my peers started calling me Bob Marley. Marley was still alive then. But I knew I had some qualities in me which I should not allow the personality of Bob Marley to submerge. I told my friends that for the fact that I am Emmanuel, they should call me Bob- Manuel. 
My beginning 
After leaving secondary school, I watched a play on NTA, Enugu. After watching the play I said I could do better than what they did. I copied the name of the producer; Rose Ofieli (now Mrs. Rose Nwanna). I went to NTA to tell her that I liked what I saw and that I would like to be part of it. She later gave me a script to read, I did and I never knew it was an audition. Her colleagues were in attendance, but I was very bold. After reading, she invited me to her recording the following day. She told me what I should bring as my costumes. The following day, I was at the location and she gave me a role to play. Subsequently, she started giving me more roles. 
Challenging roles 
I act on stage, radio, and television. I must say that every role I have played was quite challenging. I do not only act, I also direct and produce. And doing these three together is quite challenging, yet I combine them. For instance, I produced, directed and played the lead role in Wedding Bells. I did the same in Matters of Hearts and Master Strokes. But Woza Albert was quite challenging. 
Joining Checkmate 
I attended the audition of Checkmate as national president of the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Association (NUTASA). I met Amaka Igwe (then Amaka Isaac Ene), Bolaji Dawodu with Tami. When I was auditioned, Amaka started calling me Richie. But Dawodu kept on reminding her that they have not made up their mind on who would play the role. After that I went back to Port Harcourt. They later invited me to the shooting of the pilot in Enugu and Udi. Later they sent me a letter that I should come to Lagos for another audition. The crowd at the audition was quite intimidating. But time proved me right that what I had in me was more genuine than what I was seeing in the Lagos boys. After the audition, I was given the role, Richard Haatrope. 
Interpreting Richard Haatrope 
Irrespective of the challenges of staying in Port Harcourt then, I knew I had to give the role my best because it was a rare opportunity. I was in my final year then. Richard is a character from a very rich family in Rivers State, but he is a student in America. He comes home during the holidays. Then I had never travelled out of Nigeria but I have to play a role of somebody living in the USA. So a lot of experiences I have acquired over the years helped me to build the character in addition to what the script dictated. So it is all about talent. 
Ola Rotimi 
My relationship with the late Professor Ola Rotimi was like that of father and son. The bond between us was such that we ate from the same plate or I could go to the pot to dish food. I could visit his house any time. He loved jokes. 
List of productions 
I was a presenter on radio. On stage, I played the lead roles in virtually all Rotimi’s plays - Gods Are Not To Blame, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again, Hopes of the Living Dead;then, Rasheed Gbadamosi’s Behold My Redeemer, Wole Soyinka’s Death and King’s Horseman, Lion and the Jewel. Also, a South African play, Woza Albert on apartheid. It is a two-man play, but by the time the play ends, each of the actors must have played 50 roles. I have also done several dance performances. Then in film, as a result of the success of Checkmate, and my outstanding performance, Kenneth Nnebue of Nek Video Links wrote me when they were about to shoot Living in Bondage, inviting me to be part of it. I am grateful to God that I was part of that history that has turned Nigerian filmmaking into a world class phenomenon called Nollywood. From then on, there has been no looking back as more came - Circle of Doom, Evil Genius, Beyond the Vow, When the Sun Set, Piccadilly, and so many others. 
I have deliberately chosen not to do comedy, because it makes the character unserious. One thing I try to avoid is to look unserious before anybody. Everything I do in life, I do it with seriousness. So the seriousness I give to the roles I play is the seriousness I attach to life. Life is just about laughing to forget your problems. But after laughing, you must tackle them. I am not saying that comedy is not good but with the kind of things I want to do and be, I need seriousness. Theatre is a serious business. According to Ola Rotimi, it is in the theatre that operation, the most important thing in medical profession, takes place. Production is also the most important thing in theatre arts. 
Fans reaction 
I do not realise how popular I am until I walk down the street. People scream on seeing me. I would wonder why they do that. But I do not let it get into me, because by the virtue of the training Ola Rotimi gave me, I learnt humility. When Evil Genius came out, some people who watched saw me took photographs with me, but told me they love me as a good actor, but they would not want me to play that kind of role again. When I asked them why, they said if not that they knew me in other roles, they would have felt that I was just a devil’s incarnate. I must say that when I see my fans react, I thank God for making me what I am, even as I beg Him to give me more opportunity to do more. 
Shortly before Christmas in 2003 when I visited US, I landed at JFK international airport, and as I was moving, there was a crowd, people from all walks of life surrounded me. I took photographs, signed autographs for them. One old man told me that whenever a white actor passes by, that is the way they welcome him, so what they have done was to show that they have popular actors in Africa too and I am one. They arranged for a Limousine to drive me out. So I became an ambassador for my country, Nigeria.


Q: How does your typical day look like?
A: My typical day is always very busy from morning till evening. I wake up by 6 a.m. everyday, say my prayers and other things follow like normal chores, brush my teeth, shave my beards, take my bath, iron clothes and all other things.
Q: When do you normally set out for the day?
A: It depends, something can come up and I will need to set out early, but on a normal day, let's say around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., I'm out of the house.
Q: Any form of exercise?
A: Yes, I do a little exercise everyday.
Q: What's your favourite food?
A: I don't have any favourite meal because I'm not particular about food, but I love well cooked and delicious food, while the best drink which I love so much is water. I also love wine, but I can't say a particular one because I have not been paid for advertisement.
Q: Which movies are the best you ever watched?
A: Yes, movies I appear in. Let others pay me for advertisement because I watch a lot, but I wouldn't be specific.
Q: Favourite music?
A: I play reggae music, that's my very best music, especially the ones played by Bob Marley, because they are always about situations around. As an African, I have discovered that we still have problem of bad leadership. Although most African countries are more than 20 years old, we still have problems that ought to have been solved long ago. So, I play reggae to remind me that we have a lot to do in Africa. Q: Are you married?
A: Yes, and I have two kids.
Q: So, what time do you have to play with your family?
A: When I'm not working, either within or outside Lagos, I stay at home to play with my family. I play with my kids a lot, we joke about so many things, play about abnormal things that you think father and children shouldn't involve in. It's a father-friend relationship and although we draw lines, we cross borders at times. I also join my kids to watch movies, tell them stories, while they ask questions and I never stopped them from asking questions because I'm a family oriented person.
Q: How do you spend your weekends?
A: I spend my weekends with my family if I'm not working because most times, it's my work that determines whether I'm around or not. I enjoy staying with my family, we go out together to visit family friends, spend quality time together.
Q: When do you retire to bed?
A: Really, it depends on what's going on. When I'm at home, children go to bed first, while I may be catching fun with my wife. Let me just say that I go to bed after the last news on television, but not the last around 3 a.m. The last news I watch may be that aired between 8 and 9 p.m., at most 10 p.m., to know what is going on in my country and to keep me informed always

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finding Goodluck - Pictorial Glance at the Premiere of a new Movie by Shan George

On May 25, Terra Culture welcome an array of top Nollywood stars as they all came out to support one of theirs. The event was the movie premiere of Shan George's latest movie, Finding Goodluck. Here are some pictures from the movie premiere, which was highly attended.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lola Margaret - The Yoruba Actress that wont marry a Politician

My name 
My surname is Oladipupo but people now know me as Lola Margaret. Lola is my first name, while Margaret is my second name. I don’t want to be using my surname. 
How I got involved in Yoruba movies 
I didn’t know anybody in the English movie industry and I didn’t know how to get involved in the industry. But I went to a friend’s house and I met Mr. Latin. That was eight years ago. He introduced me to acting. I was actually in school then. I studied International Relations at the Lagos State University. But I chose acting as my career instead of practising what I studied in school. I had seen Mr. Latin on TV. So, when I met him in person, I was excited. I just told him that I wished to be an actress. He asked me if I could come to Abeokuta where he was on location and I accepted. In fact, a lot of people still think that I live in Abeokuta because most of the movies I do are shot there. Since then, I have never thought of acting in an English language film. 
My career 
So far, I am not satisfied with the height I have attained in the movie industry. I am aiming very high. I am popular now, but I believe that I can still get to the top. I admire the likes of Bukky Wright and Joke Silva. They are on top of their careers. The movie titled, Bisola Alan, actually brought me to the limelight. I played the lead character in the movie and ever since, I have been getting more lead roles. I can’t say if my colleagues use charms or sleep with producers to get lead roles. I know myself and I know I don’t do such things. I cannot speak for my colleagues because I don’t know much about their personal lives. They have their lives to live. No matter what people say about actresses, I am happy being one and I have never felt like quitting my job. Now, I produce my own movies. In fact, I have a new one that will hit the cinemas soon. It is titled Omo Oloro and will be premiered in the United Kingdom in February. The likes of Fathia Balogun and Mercy Aigbe appeared in the movie. But apart from entertainment, I sell rice, wines and groundnut oil. 
Life as an orphan 
My parents died 13 years ago, long before I thought of joining the movie industry. I am as free as a bird. There was nobody to consult before I went into the movie industry. Coping without my parents wasn’t too tough. God was on my side and He has helped all the while. I lived with an aunt of mine for awhile and she took care of me. But I still miss my mother very much. I miss her love and care. Life growing up wasn’t that difficult anyway. I will not say so. My aunt tried her best for me. I was able to cope with the challenges that came my way. I had so much faith in God and I knew I was going to be successful. I knew life was going to be rosy in future no matter how bad it was. Now I travel abroad a lot. I am not a lazy person. Apart from the grace of God, I have been able to get this far through hard work. 
About cliques in the movie industry 
I have heard that there are cliques in the industry, but I don’t belong to any. I don’t associate with people that much. I choose my friends. In fact, I just have very few friends in the industry. Most of my friends are outside of the industry. I see those in the industry as my colleagues and not friends. 
My love life 
Who said I am dating a politician? No way! Me get married to a politician? It is certainly not true. It is a big lie. People will always say something about you, whether true or false. The scandals are the price I have to pay for being in the public eye. I don’t feel bothered when such negative stories are written about me. I have a boyfriend. He is the man in my life. I mustn’t tell you his name. He is okay with my profession. I am not dating an actor. My fiancée understands me and he understands my job. I love him and we intend to get married. He is a loving and caring guy. He is God-fearing. I love him so much and that was why I chose him.  
Man proposes and God disposes. I leave everything to God. If He says I should be bigger than this, then that is how it will be. 
Coping with fans 
Coping with my fans and stardom have been easy. None of my fans has embarrassed me in public. Oh yes, they shout and shout when they see me in a public place. But that is all. They don’t try to embarrass me at all. My fans should expect more from Lola Margaret. I have not even started. Because I love them, I will give them the best.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two Face of Annie Macaulay in Pictures

Annie Macaulay is a native of Ifiki local government area of Akwa-Ibom state and she is the only girl of a family of four. She Studied Computer Science at the Lagos State University,LASU and also a graduate in Theatre Arts at the University. Annie Macaulay started acting professionally in 2008 and must had been casted in well over 30 movies. Annie Macaulay recently wedded her long time Boyfriend and top Nigerian Artiste Tuface Idibia, the couple are blessed with a daughter. 

You can follow Annie on twitter in this link.!/anniemacaulay1

Give us a Brief introduction on who Annie Macaulay is?
Am a very simply person, an Actress, a business woman, a mother and a wife!.

What made you want to become an actress??Childhood dream or career choice?.
Childhood dream. I also studied it in school. It’s something I really love and am happy that God has put me in a place where I can actually live that dream.

How challenging has it been for you to stay in the movie industry?
It has not been easy, but God's grace and favour is awesome.

Aside from acting do you have any other business you are into?
Yup! I do.

Your life is in the public eye, what negative and positive effects has it had on you?
Negative: people are always in your business. Say what they like, true or false...mostly false..
Positive: I get a lot of favours, a lot of doors are easily opened. It is my life am gonna live it to the fullest either way.

Let’s get a little bit personal. How did u feel when your hubby proposed? Did u know or have this feeling that something was up?
Awesome!!! U would feel the same if the man of your dreams gets on his knees and ask you to marry him...*smiles*.

After the proposal who was the first person you called?
My Mum.

Where did you guys get married? Was it a Traditional or white wedding or both?
We are legally married. The traditional and white would follow later. My husband and I are planning that. We will let you know.

You are a wife and a mother, how does that feel?.
It’s a great feeling. I feel totally blessed!--my kid is an awesome child. She brings me a lot of good luck. I have a great career which I love. A good man and we are happy.

The crap people were saying on Twitter after you got engaged to 2face Idibia, how did you handle it cos I didn’t see you lash out at anyone?
Why would I lash out? Lol. Everyone has their own opinion about our relationship. That's their problem. The truth is it doesn’t BOTHER me again..cos we are very happy...we are not perfect but we have a happy home.

How approachable are you?? Do u choose who you talk and relate with?
It depends...nowadayz I rather keep to myself tho. I don't mean am being a cool if you are cool. I don't have any problems with anyone. Life is too short and I wanna live mine to the fullest!

From meeting you I will say you are a calm and reserved person. Do you think people judge you otherwise?
Yea..sometimes. They miss misunderstand me. But then I can't please everyone. I will only do what I believe is right and try not to get in anyone's way.

A few words to your haters and lovers out there?
Would love to say: Free your heart and Life from HATE. Live a positive life...and your dreams will fall into place.

Interview by LOLA AJAYI (blogger)

Read more about Annie in the following interview culled from Excerpts:-

Question:.You are one of Tuface’s baby mamas; do you think you are lucky to be part of the lucky ladies who bore children for the hip hop star?

Annie:.I cannot categorically say if I am or not lucky to have had a baby for Tuface Idibia. All I know is that I am happy that I am lucky to have a beautiful baby in this world and she is Isabella. She turned two last December and I tell you it was a wonderful time. Her dad was also around to make the day a loving one; not all dads most especially for a guy like Tuface find time for this but he was still here for the party and with his daughter. All I can say is that I have a baby for one of the best daddies in the world.

  Question: .So you are saying the relationship between you and Tuface is perfectly okay just for the sake of your daughter and nothing more.

Annie:.He is a wonderful and loving dad to his kids and mine is not an exception. We have a fantastic relationship; we are happy parents.

  Question: .Is it true that you are the favourite of the many women in Tuface’s life and that you guys actually contacted a secret wedding last year?

Annie:.Where did you hear that (laughs in between). I don’t know ooo. I am not married to Tuface or any other man, I am a single hardworking mother and my only joy is that I am proud to have my baby; Isabella is my world.

  Question: .If you are not why is there no love lost among the three of you I mean yourself, Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba?

Annie:.I don’t have any problem with any of Tuface’s women; we are all cool with one another. I am cool with all of them and I love my baby’s brothers and sister. It is all love.

  Question: .But this is not what is been speculated out there. What about the confrontation you had with Pero Adeniyi sometime last year at the after party of the Tuface’s live in concert and another confrontation that happened at Airport hotel?

Annie:.All these accusations are the past and happened a long time ago; I don’t want to say anything about it again. And please don’t ask me anything concerning this again; let’s moves to another question.

  Question: .Why; do you have something to hide? You need to clear your name.

Annie:.I don’t have anything to hide; I am innocent. OK I said i don’t want us to talk about this.

  Question: .Okay then tell the world who the real Annie Macaulay is and what is it that the public do not know about you?

Annie:.Well as you know my name is Annie Macaulay, am from Akwa-Ibom state from Ifiki local government. The only girl of a family of four studied Computer Science at the Lagos State University LASU. I did Theatre Arts at UNILAG. I have a fantastic beautiful lady Isabella and a full time Actress. It is what I have always wanted to do and i am working on several other projects coming out soon.

  Question: .Talking about your acting career; when did you actually debut in Nollywood professionally and how rewarding has it been financially? How rich are you.

Annie:.I have always acted all my life; while in school I have done a couple of productions but now that i am done with my studies I will say professionally it is 2008. 2010 is one of my best years and I know it will only get better by the day. In the money aspect now, o boy it hasn’t really paid off oo but I thank God that I am comfortable.

  Question: .So how soon is marriage coming in, as you can see that seem to be the new trend in the entertainment industry now looking at the number of celebrities that have wedded of late?
Annie:.For now I don’t think am ready for marriage. I want to focus on my career and build the brand Annie Macaulay so that I can make more money. Right now what I am concerned about is my baby and my career. There is no man in my life right now; he would come when God says he will. It’s never too late. I don’t have to follow the trend.

  Question: .Have you ever been sexually harassed?

Annie:.A capital No is the answer. Never been and doubt if I will ever be because I don’t walk in that direction. I know what I want and believe in myself. One other thing that must be considered is the way you present yourself. If you dress provocatively and expect not to be sexually harassed then you are wrong. The way you dress has a lot to do about this. Moreover it has become a menace to our society. It is everywhere in the banking, telecoms, insurance, entertainment and what have you.

  Question: .And what is this story about Lesbianism cabals in Nollywood; are you aware of this?

Annie:.I don’t know anything about that; wouldn’t know if such a thing exist because I have never experience it and don’t if I ever will. I am straight and have never believed in such things.
Question:.Do you see yourself as an A-list actress?

Annie:.I don’t know what you mean by an A-list actress or what have you. All I can say is that I am an actress and I do my work as professionally as possible. So far my producers or directors have never been disappointed.

  Question: .What about mentors in the industry?

Annie:.Well I respect the elders in the industry. I am not too much of a mentor person but no doubt there are legends in the industry I hold in high esteem. I wouldn’t want to mention names.

  Question: .You look very pretty even after a kid; can you tell us your beauty routine?

Annie:.Well I will say that I do a lot of exercise and workout at the gym. I watch what I eat; I do a lot of fruits as you may know it helps nourishes the body. Apart from all these I don’t any other special thing I do to keep fit. I eat well, exercise and don’t want to be on the fat side. That is why you see that I have lost so much weight. I am very happy about the way I look now and am so glad that you like it.

  Question: .Your baby Isabella is still very young and considering the fact that you are a single mother; how do you combine having to raise a baby and the rigours of acting which requires travelling all the time?

Annie:.Remember that she is over two year old now. It was not easy at first because I had to take her everywhere I go but right now she is of age now and has started school. The Nanny is always there for her while I don’t abuse her motherly privileges too. I am always with her no matter what and my Mother is still very much around and available to take care of her too. She couldn’t have been in better hands. So i have time for my career and can spend weeks, months in location if I have to just the job to be done. If you look you will see that i have lose a lot of weight, it’s all because of having to be there for my baby and at the same time do my job as an actress. God have been my pillar and strength.

  Question: .Give us an insight into some of the movies that you have featured in and some that you are presently working on?

Annie:.I have done some that I can’t start counting now. And I tell you in the next couple of weeks you will be seeing more of me on the screen now ever than before. Just watch out for Annie Macaulay.

  Question: .I saw this advert on TV about a show which you are planning; what is it all about?

Annie:.It is just the other artistic side of Annie that my fans will be seeing. It will be coming out soon. Just like you have seen it is called Unwind with Annie Macaulay and the advert is everywhere. We are already shooting and in just a matter of weeks you will start seeing it run on TV station across the country. That is all can say for now.

  Question: .What is this misconception that people have about you and when you hear all these stories about you that are not true, how do you react?

Annie:.People think that I am a snub; it is what i have been trying to be with over the years. All I will say is that they should get to know me and am sure they will have a change of heart. It is never good to judge a book by its cover. I am easy going person, they will see. And about bad stories, before I used to be very down when I read this and that not true about me but now I have developed a thick skin to it. They don’t move me as I have realized that it is one of the prices you have to pay for being in the limelight.

  Question: .What does it take to make a head way in this industry; it is not as easy as it seem I suppose?

Annie:.I would say if you have got the talent, believe in yourself and go for your goal. You will get there.

Photoblogging again!!!

This blog had indeed gone AWOL, I am so sorry I had not updated for up to 2 and half years now.  That was too bad on my part.  All of a sudden, I lost interest, but I am back to update regularly now.  I am spurned more with the patronage from my dear readers of this blog. From now on, I promise I will update regularly.
A lot had been going on on Nollywood industry, and this time around, we will try to catch up with the new stars, their way of life and lots and lots of their pics.
Once, again, Sorry for not updating and I thank you all for your visits to the blog despite it not being updated regularly.
Welcome once more to Nollywood Photoblog. Suggestions are welcome.

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