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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Presenting Gabriel Afolayan of Nollywood

Gabriel Afolayan, one of the children of late theatre icon, Ade Afolayan popularly known as Ade Love is an upcoming act and a final year student of Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan. The Kwara State born actor and musician reveals in this chat why girls are measure of achievements.

Relationship with other children
Basically, it’s been fun all the way. We are one as far as I’m concerned because we all answer the same surname, Afolayan. I relate with my brothers and sisters very well. After all, I have Kunle Afolayan and Moji Olayiwola (nee Afolayan) as brother and sister and we relate nicely, encouraging each other.

Acting, family business ?
I can say yes and no. Yes, in the sense that my father was an actor my brother is one and my sister too. My interest in making a change without my dad’s name really moved me into it. That my siblings are in the industry means nothing as I have got my own life to live although dad’s goodwill works but the passion drove me into it. I don’t work with my dad’s name as I see myself as myself.

So you are making yourself by yourself?
That’s it. Talent is the keyword to this thing called acting. What my dad’s got in him can be transferred to any of his kids but because some are talented just as he was they started acting. For me I have got the talent and I trained myself. Talent without training is useless. Talent is a one way kind of thing but training makes you expand. I don’t know anyone in the industry and I tell people every time that I know no one but it all depends on my talent.

Filmography ?
Sincerely, I started acting in 1990. My first work was in a commission film produced by Baba Sala, whom we used to live together in the same area, but which little I have forgotten. I was in Diamond with Baba Sala, in 1994, Behind the Siege (2004) Madam Dearest (2005), Ife Ewe (2006), Super Story ‘Because you Loved Me’ (2007), Akorede, Itusile, Harmony Estate (soap open) 2007. And a Lagos lottery advert (2005).

But your actions in Madam Dearest brought you into limelight?
It is true at least I’ve been on two to three productions before then, but it happened that Uncle Tade Ogidan organised auditions to get a perfect match for the role. I was picked for the role in U.I and was called up to Lagos for another audition, from which I was finally picked for the role. He never knew who I was until we were on with the production. I did not know him at all and neither did he.

What was it like working with OGD?
It is quite an awesome experience working with Uncle Tade as I was able to set a pace and interpret lines to the standard it’s supposed to be. As I said earlier, I was called up through the audition. It was after that I started my homework to make it work out well. I made researches about Ghana, Nigeria, Republic of Benin, in other to create a real scene. Ever since, it’s been good for me as an actor.

But your face ought to have been prominent on posters?
I get a lot of invitations from various producers but I have discovered that they all believe I am good at crying because of my action in Madam Dearest so all their scripts showcases hysterical scenes which I don’t like anyway. I love to change roles. Ife Ewe, for instance, created Bada, a bad boy. What I just do is to make sure I prepare for my role very well before any movie.

You talked about music? Anything cooking
Yes, the love for music prompted me into it and I started as a back up in the choir way back in the 90s until I became professional in 1995. I play the guitar and I’m still learning. I love listening to all kinds of music. My own style, however, is African Soul, and I’m sure my single’s dropping, by God’s grace, December. I am just like taking after Will Smith who combines both stuff.

Remuneration, highest and lowest fee, so far?
Basically, it depends. I have a manager who manages me and I charge per scene at an affordable price but my lowest and highest sign on fees are strictly confidential. I got good pay from Madam Dearest, Ife Ewe and others.

Dating Tolu Babalola?
People just can’t help being funny. Tolu is my younger sister, she used to be in my department before she left for Manchester, U.K and also, we were together on set of Madam Dearest. Dating is too far from it.

Role models and views about the music and movie industry
I don’t have a role model except for reputable Indian actors like Amitabh Bachan, whom I respect so much. In the music industry I respect all those who sing well and are good. My view about the movie industry is that we are far from it but dedication, hard work, perseverance and God we will get there. It might just take a period of time but the music industry is near getting there at the pace with which the industry is going.

Handsome dude, where are the girls?
As you can see, I am a cool guy. It is undisputable that I’m handsome but I manage girls the way I’m supposed to. To me, girls are measure of achievements because girls calling you and complementing and appreciating you are a sure way of joy. I am single as I have said earlier, because I have had series of failed relationships and the coast is clear for competition.

How do you unwind?
I listen to music and socialize and mingle with my colleagues. I don’t smoke or take alcohol.

Upcoming projects
I’m organising a reality show where audience can be and will be the judge and I’m also working on some stuffs in the music and movie industry. I write good songs and score movie sound track so expect something great from Dosu, the actor.

Recent attack on celebrities
You can never be good to everyone but whatever you do always remember the law of Karma. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not troublesome or a gate crasher of sort as I pick my companions. I fear no evil as I believe in Psalm 23 and 91.

Last note
My fans, I love you and God bless us.

Culled from Tribune Newspaper


  1. lol@undisputably handsome,how modest!

  2. Omosewa, shall we then say he is controversially handsome?

  3. nice blog,i had linked you.are you willing for a reciprocal linking?

  4. Sure vrajesh, I will surely add you. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. oh ma gosh!
    since i set my eyes on you
    u make me fall in love

  6. What impresses me the most about Gabriel is that from the first time I saw him in the role of "Jimi" in "Because You Love Me"; I realized that for such a young actor that he has a tremendous presence! I could tell that he had an excellent grasp and knowledge of his craft.I mean who but a wonderful artist could metamorphosise so creditably and convincingly from an insecure young man into one who is capable of "standing against the world for the woman he loves."
    Hey Ladies, if he is "indisputably handsome" He is just facing facts and stating what is true,rather than playing around with false humility.It has nothing to do with modesty.

  7. let people hail you boi.but here u are hailing yourself, undisputably handsome? well u are. and boi i love the way u answered those questions it makes me want to know more about u.
    LOVE YOU !!!

  8. Actually i feel the same way to. He seems so cool and Godfearing.#jes saying#


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