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Monday, November 12, 2007

Femi Branch - From MTN Advert to Nollywood

Femi Branch on the marble

My first big step in acting was when Professor Ola Rotimi took me under his wings and told me ‘young man I think you have a future in this thing’. He made me into a project along with some other people like Jude Orhoha and others. He took interest in us and mentored us and that really gave me the footing, the strength that I have in what I do. Since then it’s been fun," he laughed, with a mien that suggested he was battling with nostalgia.

"I would like to think it takes less acting skills to do commercials, but it is acting all the same because its like you playing a part, trying to be someone that you are not; trying to convince people that okay I use this product, or that I have spent so much time testing the product and I’m recommending it to the audience."
"Stage is not financially gratifying as screen but it is something that most of us who are passionate about still take every time out to do and, most of the time when we do we don’t consider the financial side of it.

"We do it because we love doing it and we want to keep it alive. And I’m hoping, before the end of the year, to still be involved with at least two stage productions and to be able to commit more time and resources to stage later in my stage productions, because I write stage plays and produce,"

"I think Femi is worlds apart from Oscar Lord Williams. When it comes to romance, actually you should ask whoever has been a victim of the romantic side of the real me, my wife – Ibitola - being a good example. I’m more attuned, more sensitive and more romantic; more loving than Oscar Lord Williams though they share some similarities.

"Oscar and Femi share the same dedication to their job, commitment to vision. So, it’s not all negatives about the young man called Oscar, there are some good sides to him though his perceptions are sometimes a little weird,"


  1. I am a big fan of femi branch, i live n london and my friends are also big fan of this Nigerian Star. i love his energy on set n u can tell he his exposed n well read. generally am not a bif fan of nigerian movie stars, but for once am feeling that guy called femi branch. keep the fire burning dats all i can say.
    lol Divamee.

  2. eskyhmmnnnnnnnnnnn!..femi branch is a wondaful as well as talented of d few great actors nollywood has ever produced...i enjoy all his roles...he's a guy who know(s) his onions...pls keep bringing out d best in u, 4 starters, d sky is ur stepping stone 2 d real world...takia of u!!!

  3. realy i think ure just good, u dont act u just do ur normal thing,i think ure perfect femi,just keep up d good work.some others might beef but its bcos they cant do wat u do.

  4. Femi Branch might be a caring man in d film but does femi has d fear of GOD in him? If he does, a lady helped him when he needed help in 2012 July if am not mistaken, when he had an accident with his legs. Now he's back to life, making money, he doesn't want to pay back d lady's sweat. When d nemesis comes, he will pay times five of d money. Bible says it's only wicked that will owe not pay! if u people like post it,if u like don't post it. Mo hun bo wa olorun o ya lo'ogun odun. If she could go out of her way to help u, her GOD will fight for her. Shameless celebrity,am highly disappointed in u when i saw ur undertaking dat u wrote for her in Muson Centre in october last year. yet, u av not fulfilled it


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